Remote Building light

Lighting for stables and outbuildings.

Keeping animals in unlit remote building is fine in the summer when you have long days, but in the winter darkness it is not so good. Using a torch is cumbersome if you need your hands to work with. Some times you want to leave a light on so you do not disturb your animals by regular visits with your lamp and then leaving them in darkness until the next visit.

With the Barrow Lane Remote Building Light and a 12-volt battery you can set up a light that will solve these problems.

12-Volt lighting for remote buildings

A switched distribution box with 2 output terminals; making it possible to attach additional lamp unit easily. Connect the distribution box to your battery using the 4 meters of cable and crocodile clips, the + (red) cable is fitted with a 3A fuse for safety.

The box can be mounted on a wall or beam using the two holes either side.

The lamp unit has a switch to turn it on and off and is fitted with 2 8-watt tubes, which will provide 16-watts of fluorescent light equivalent to about 50-watts normal lighting. mount this using the holes at each end, and connected to the distribution box terminals, Red to Red+, Black to Black-.

Changing the tubes

  1. Unclip the diffuser (retaining clips are positioned in the middle and at each end, take care not to crack the diffuser) using a small screwdriver to unclip the end away from the switch then the middle.

  2. Remove old tube and replace with new one.
  3. Clip the diffuser back on.

How long will the battery last

Calculate the amount of current required when the lamps are on by dividing the total lamp Wattage by the voltage (12V).

For example with 2 lamps at 8W each this is 16W divided by 12V = 1.3 Amps. If the lamps are on for four hours in every 24 (1.3A x 4 Hours) = 5.2 Amp Hours of battery life. Most small car batteries are rated at 30-40 Ah; so expect roughly 5 to 7 days use from each charge. The higher the amp hour rating of the battery the longer between charges.

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